EYC Sunday Night Meetings 

Middle School: Grades 6 & 7 5:50pm Zoom or In Person TBA 

Sunday's in Lent using Minecraft creation & story telling


High School: Grades 9- 12, 4:30pm Zoom or In Person TBA

Psalms from the six Sundays Lent Program

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Lent Activities At Home

Lenten JournalOffering 

contact meredith@holy-trinity.com to reserve your copy


Create a Sacred Space for Lent

Make a comfy space in a quiet location in your home, with pillows, blankets, and 5 candles in votives. One for hope, one for love, one for joy, one for faith, and one for the light of Jesus. As you light each candle say a prayer. For example, when lighting the Hope candle, pray for something you hope for...hope to gain, hope to let go of, hope for yourself or someone else, something that gives you hope...anything you want. Continue prayers with each candle. Sit quietly and reflect on your prayers. To finish, blow out each candle one at a time, saying "I take with me your hope (blow out the hope candle), I take with me your love (blow out), through each candle. To blow out the last candle, the light of Jesus, say "I take with me your light and will shine for others. Amen."



Lenten Let's Talk Conversation Cards

Group activity cards for at home family or friend pod ways to talk with one another for meaningful interactions and open ended questions during Lent. 


Volunteer Activities


Holy Trinity and the Church of the Holy Spirit are busy “Being the Church” by feeding our neighbors in east Greensboro. Local churches donate cooked food each week to feed nearly 200 people. We need three people each Tuesday to deliver that food.        
Here is how you can join this ministry. Teams of two or more individuals deliver food in their own vehicle using No-Contact methods for delivery. The routes include 8-10 families and take a little over an hour. All persons practice social distancing, wear a mask, and use safe hand hygiene. 

Click here to sign up. Contact Rev. Mark Lile-King at mark@holy-trinity.com for more information. 


The Holy Trinity family is joining with the Church of the Holy Spirit, an Episcopal mission on Yanceyville St., to live together in Beloved Community and to serve together as Christ’s hands to our brothers and sisters in east Greensboro. Many people in the Holy Spirit community are struggling because of the pandemic and are in need of food and connection to a loving community. Holy Spirit weekly serves meals provided by local churches to over 70 families, lovingly connecting with nearly 200 people. WE NEED YOUR HELP! 
Holy Trinity provides meals on the third Tuesday of each month. We need people who will provide cooked casserole meals and vegetables and who will package meal boxes. If cooking isn’t your thing and you want to be a part of this ministry, here is a suggestion: purchase and cook a family-size lasagna or casserole from a grocery store or big-box store.
Click here to learn more and to sign up to help using SignUpGenius. If you have trouble using SignUpGenius, contact Rev. Mark Lile-King at mark@holy-trinity.com. Your ministry is making a difference!

...be a little letter angel

Give a little kindness during Covid. We are looking for youth to become pen pals with the little people in our Children's Ministry. Help us bring a smile and happy heart to our little ones by writing a quick note or creating a little drawing. Bet you can't wait to see what you get in return!

Contact Marjorie Donnally at marjorie@holy-trinity.com
to sign up!