Sr. High EYC - 9th - 12th Grade    * Jr. High EYC - 7th & 8th Grade  *   Tweens - 5th & 6th Grade

EYC Winter Spring/Calendar 2020


Jan. 12th           5:30pm           Kick Off Potluck Dinner for Youth and Parents, Haywood Duke Room

Jan. 19th           10:15am          Outreach Service Project, Haywood Duke Room

Jan. 24th            8pm-8am        Lock In for all age groups

Jan. 26th            No EYC           Due to Friday night Lock In    

Feb. 2nd             5:30pm           EYC Meeting, Youth House

Feb. 9th             5:30pm            EYC Meeting, Youth House

Feb. 23rd           5:30pm             EYC Meeting, Youth House

Mar. 1st             5:30pm             EYC Meeting, Youth House

Mar. 6th             8pm-10pm        Late Night Adventure  for All Age Groups   


Mar. 8th             No EYC             Due to Friday Late Night Adventure

Mar. 15th           5:30pm             EYC Meeting, Youth House


Mar. 22nd          5:30pm             EYC Meeting, Cancelled 

Mar. 29th           5:30pm            EYC Meeting, Cancelled 


Apr. 5th             No EYC             Palm Sunday - Cancelled 


Apr. 12              No EYC             Easter Sunday - Cancelled


Apr.19th             3pm-5pm         Paintball, Greensboro Paintball Park - Cancelled

Apr. 26th            5:30pm            EYC Meeting, Youth House - Cancelled


May. 3rd             2pm-5pm        End of Year Celebration -  Cancelled

Volunteer Opportunities

Hot Dish & Hope 

Meet at Ist Pres, Tues. 5pm

Jan.28, Feb.25, 

Breakfast with Friends

Meet at Youth House, Sat. 7:45am

Feb.15, Mar.14, 

EYC Advisors 2019-2020

Senior High Advisors (9th-12th)

BT Neale - Group Leader

Robert Payne

J.  Scott

John Storrs

Carole Neale

Betsy Lane

Jimmy Barnhardt

Junior High Advisors (7th-8th)

Ben Thomas -Group Leader

Shannon Kincaid

Allison Leonard

Steve LaFrance

Rob Leonard

Caroline Hacker

Riley Walker

Mike Richey

Rob Timmons


Tween Advisors (5th-6th)

Emily LaFrance - Group Leader

Brett Hacker

Sarah Wimbish

Kiley Schiffman

Freya Thomas

Lindsey Whitlatch

Zach Kincaid

Susan Griffin

Kendall Timmons


Meredith Scott

Directory of Youth Ministry

Nathan Finnin

Associate Rector

Sun. Oct. 22nd

2pm to 4pm

For all ages

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