Youth Pilgrimage 2020

Camino de Santiago

June 21st - July 2nd 2020 






Calendar of Events

 Sat. Jan 25th at 2pm  

Welcome Pilgrimage Team @ Youth House

  • Group check in

  • Boot check *Must come in hiking boots you’ll be wearing on pilgrimage

  • City Hike


Sun. Feb.2nd at 4pm  

Fundraising Letter Recipient List Due!!!

@ Youth House

  • Provide a list of 15

  • List needs ALL info: Name, Address, City, State,        Zip to cross reference all lists

  • Recipient Ideas: Family, friends, neighbors,  businesses, dentists, teachers, etc.


Sat. Feb. 8th at 9am   

Walk & Write  @ Youth House

  • Group city hike

  • Sign and address fundraising letters


Sat. Feb. 29th at 9am

12 Mile Group Hike                                      

  • Salem Lake 1001 Salem Lake Rd, W-S, NC 27107

  • Wear boots and trek pack


Sun. Mar. 8th 1:30pm  

Movie Matinee  @ Youth House

​We'll be watching The Way 

- a film about walking the Camino de Santiago starring Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, 


Sat. April 18th 10am            Cancelled   

Thank you Notes   @ Youth House

  • Donor letter thank you note writing

  • Bring your list of donors w full information


Apr 25th at 9am                             Cancelled               

12 Mile Hike                                            

  • Hike Location TBA

  • Wear boots and trek pack


Wed. May 13th at 6pm                    Cancelled

Pilgrim & Parent Meeting 

@ Youth House

Travel questions and answers


Wed. June 17th at 6pm                    Cancelled    

Youth Meeting @ Youth House

  • Gear Check

  • Last minute details


Sat. June 20th at 9am                     Cancelled              Youth and Parents Meeting 


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rescheduling &  refunds.